The Sirius (Short Film)

The Sirius is the story of an early colonial bounty hunter travelling beyond police jurisdiction to bring a fugitive convict back for trial. 


"'The Sirius' is certainly an audio-visual marvel.."

- Bucharest Shortcut CineFest

"There’s more going on behind what these characters say, what they hint at, and their past histories. This isn’t a simple bounty mission, there’s something else lurking behind every word, every look."

-  Enrrico Wood Lagonigro, Oaxaca Film Festival

Director: Al Kalyk

Executive Producers: Henry Cripps, Al Kalyk

Producers: Steven Mileski, Al Kalyk

Writer: Samuel Moore

Cinematography: Lucas Tomoana

Editors: Steven Mileski, Al Kalyk

Sound Design: Ahmed Natiq

Stylist: Karina Bodnaruk 

Make-up: Amy Duan

BTS Photography: Sophie Brockwell

Armourer: Paul Martin, Daniel Martin

Production Company: Belmore Pictures, and Kaleidaskohp

Featuring the talents of

 Tristan McKinnon as John Moore

Jerry Retfort as Martin Black

Scott Lowe as Grant Bishop